Bentley S2

A superb example of Bentley’s engineering and refinement the 6230cc V8 engine of our S2 is smoothly powerful making it the perfect grand tourer, the ultimate car to arrive in style at your destination

A real drivers car, well suited with its power steering and automatic transmission for our single track Speyside roads.

Sit back and relax in the spacious wood lined interior with deep leather seats arm rests and pull down tables. This car is a real head turner with its newly refurbished bodywork and stunning blue over silver coachwork.

Range Rover Vogue

Range Rover…‘The pinnacle of refined capability ‘. The promise of one of the best cars in the world. It defines the luxury 4×4 sector with its mix of refinement and quality.

Sophisticated and modern, this is a Range Rover with peerless characteristics from a very unique lineage.

Luxurious, refined and capable as the finest go-anywhere limousines with its big power and lots of torque on offer . Our Range Rover eats up the miles with ease, providing you with a relaxing level of comfort on longer journeys ideal for touring on our twisting single track Highland roads,where you can encapture the beauty of our landscapes with its advantageous high seating positions.

The level of comfort is superb it is a testament to the design that the interior is fresh and inviting. It is beautifully appointed and thoughtfully designed to cocoon and give a sense of calm and luxurious feeling

With its wood inserts and large buttons, sumptuous piped leather heated seats. The dashboard manages to be both solid and sleek with large dials and wood trims. It is also impressively quiet and so refined inside as the smooth eight speed automatic gearbox contributes to a very relaxing driving experience for your chauffeur

So from the most demanding terrains our Scottish Highlands challenges us with to negotiating rush hour traffic on our airport transfers our Ranger Rover will deliver you with a relaxed, intuitive and rewarding experience.